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Aging & Physical Health

Breaking Age Barriers

High school students break age barriers through Ageless interAction

What can happen when teens and older adults break through age boundaries?

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Kiev, Ukraine

AgeWell Atlanta website provides resources on healthy aging

When Jewish agencies join forces to promote healthy aging, everyone wins.

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Weinstein Hospice

Hospice care supports families at life’s end

A hospice professional confronts her own parents’ end of life needs.

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LorryBenis_ZabanTower 500

Housing for seniors without savings

My mother worked her whole life, well into her 70’s, and was a caregiver to her own parents.

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Marvelous Mondays at NORC

Toco Hills NORC enriches lives and builds community

At Toco Hills Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) the room is alive with chatter as friends gather around dining tables for Marvelous Monday.

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One Good Deed 500

Friendship and support for isolated seniors

One Good Deed prides itself on great match-making, and wow, did I hit the jackpot when I was paired with 90-year-old Syd Green.

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Ensuring exceptional care for all

The growing desire to “age in place” has created new demand for more home-like and home-based services, and Jewish Home Life Communities have done their best to answer the call.

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Senior Day

Helping Seniors Thrive

Getting together with friends, being physically and mentally active, helps seniors thrive.

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One Good Deed At A Time

Once settled into her new home at the Jewish Towers, Natalie called One Good Deed and met with the coordinator to learn about the program to find a great volunteer match for her.

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AVIV Rehab
Caregiver Services
Alterman JETS transportation
The One Group

The positive effect of AgeWell Atlanta

Disabilities & Inclsuion


Inclusion is what camp is all about

In preschool, our son was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction plus ADHD, and even for me, as a long-time professional in the disabilities world, Adam’s journey to inclusion has been an upward climb.

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Building a stronger disabilities community

Right after graduate school, I had an experience as a teacher on an inpatient unit for children who were severely and emotionally disturbed. It left an indelible mark on my life and became the foundation of my professional work as a child and adolescent psychologist.

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In Their Shoes

Walking in the shoes of a person with disabilities

That’s what students at Gesher L’Torah explored while experiencing “Take a Walk in My Shoes,” a Jewish Abilities Alliance (JAA) awareness exercise offered at religious schools throughout Atlanta.

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Disabilities seder honors everyone

For 21 consecutive years, Congregation Shearith Israel has hosted a free-of-charge special seder for individuals with special needs.

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Bar mitzvahs are for everyone 

“Just because he can’t speak doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything to say.”

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A life saver

“When the time comes that Jack and I no longer can direct Marla, she is prepared in her lifestyle.”

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A game changer

“Ari wanted to play, but the games were overwhelming,” Jessica recalls. “It took the whole season for him just to sit with the players.”

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MJCCA Inclusion program
resource specialist
Friendship Circle
JAA website
Jerry's Habima Theater

A son’s special needs inspired giving

Support for people with disabilities in Minsk, Belarus

Allie Goldring is a teen volunteer for people with disabilities

Mental Health & Well-Being

PAL Program 500

Twins find mentorship and friendship through PAL program

By the time my twins Megan and Brett were 14 months old, my marriage to their father was over. Suddenly, I was their everything. I realized it was up to me to keep Judaism alive in my little family.

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FranRedisch_Employment 300x350

Career assistance for older job seekers

After 18 years of work that I loved in the Jewish community, I found myself looking for a job in my late 50s, and suddenly my years of experience and my work ethic didn’t seem to matter.

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Heat relief

Heat Relief To The Elderly

Through a donor-advised fund, one philanthropist helps provide critical support to the elderly.

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PAL Program
Domestic Violence
JF&CS career services

HAMSA: a community resource for a community problem

Financial Assistance

JELF 500

College and a bright future, all made possible by a JELF loan

In 1984, just a week after getting my letter of acceptance to Northwestern University, my father died. My finances for college became uncertain.

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LorryBenis_ZabanTower 500

Housing help for seniors without savings

My mother worked her whole life, well into her 70’s, and was a caregiver to her own parents.

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Synagogue shelters assist the homeless

For homeless people, Atlanta’s two synagogue shelters are a lifeline.

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Heat relief

Donor generosity provides heat relief for seniors all over Atlanta

Through a donor-advised fund, one philanthropist helps provide critical support to the elderly.

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kosher food pantry
ALEF fund
ALEF Fund scholarship

ALEF Scholarship alum is grateful for the support

ALEF Fund provides scholarship support for Jewish education

Invest in Jewish Atlanta.