Holocaust Survivor Support Fund

Today, at least 150 of the more than 250 Greater Atlanta Holocaust survivors receive financial, social, or support services. The average survivor age is 84 and more than 25% of survivors receiving financial and support services have annual incomes that fall below the Federal Poverty Level. As needs increase each year, so do the funding gaps.

Specifically, Holocaust survivors need funding for support, such as home care, medical needs, medical equipment, prescription drugs, dental care, home-delivered meals, emergency financial assistance, adult day care, assisted living housing support (with partial scholarships), hospice, and food assistance.

These fundamental needs will outpace the available funding. It is predicted that over the next five years the cost to cover these services and assistance will exceed, at a minimum, $2 million, or $400,000 annually.

Through your support of this targeted Federation priority, you will help meet the critical needs of Holocaust survivors in our community and ensure they live their final days in comfort and with dignity.

What Your Support is Doing to Help Survivors
Your support is making an impact. Watch this video, created June 2018, to see how your support is helping survivors. To date, 92 survivors have received support representing 177 service areas (with duplicates) such as home delivered meals, grocery food gift cards, homecare, dental, emergency assistance and so much more.

The Needs of Holocaust Survivors
Holocaust survivors need our help. Watch video to hear about the needs of this special population. Also take a moment and watch survivors and students at Weber High School participate in an inter-generational Shabbat lunch sponsored by HSSF, Jewish Family & Career Services, and Weber High School.

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Contact: Beth Warner or call (404) 870-1624.


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