InterfaithFamily Atlanta

May 10, 2017

By Ethan Rosenberg

In the beginning, it was all about Texas. Antoinette was the only other Texan in my business school class at Emory, so we bonded over that. But pretty quickly things got serious. I’m a Reform Jew from Houston who had a bar mitzvah, but never put Judaism at the forefront. Antoinette is a Hispanic Catholic from San Antonio, and faith is the organizing principle of her life. Falling in love triggered a flashing light about the religious gulf between us. And we knew that with kids in our future, there needed to be room to honor both cultures. So, it was amazing when, after getting engaged, Antoinette found the InterfaithFamily website, and helped us find common ground.

Antoinette used the InterfaithFamily website to plan a wedding honoring both our religions. When we moved to Atlanta, our son Lawson Bennett Rosenberg was born, and Interfaith Family helped us plan his baby naming. We also enrolled in a four-week class called Love and Religion, for newly married or seriously dating interfaith couples. It was an open, non-judgmental group, with a terrific leader, Rabbi Malka Packer. Sharing our situation with other Atlanta couples opened new doors of friendship and understanding. It was also where we learned about Honeymoon Israel, which sends committed interfaith couples on a trip to Israel. Antoinette and I traveled there in March and the trip was profound for both of us.

Now our sweet little family is getting ready for a new baby, another result of our trip to Israel. I am so grateful to my smart, wonderful wife who led us to InterfaithFamily — a place where we can honor the depth of her need for faith with plenty of space for the Jewish values that fill me with pride.

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