Jewish Community Innovation Fund

The Jewish Community Innovation Fund is an exciting new opportunity to accelerate Jewish innovation in Atlanta, to incubate and invest in new ideas, programs, projects and technologies that reimagine and broaden Jewish outreach and engagement. We will provide infrastructure and support to current partners, synagogues, start-ups and dreamers capable of cultivating new, creative and scalable prototypes.

Questions? Please contact Jodi Lox Mansbach, Chief Impact Officer.

Applications are due March 1, 2018.


Things To Know Before You Apply

Who can apply?

YOU! We welcome both the entrepreneur and the intrapreneur, regardless whether you are a start-up, national organization looking to bring your program to metro Atlanta, or a legacy institution exploring new ways to invigorate your work.

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs see new solutions to age-old problems. And they make things happen. The Innovation Fund will encourage this mindset and create places and spaces for this innovation to flourish. We’ll invite new ideas generated locally or nationally to grow through accelerator programs and mentorships.

Intrapreneurs: The Innovation Fund is designed to use the tried and true tools from the innovation community to grow existing organizations that are the bedrock of our community. From social services to cultural programs to education, new ideas and approaches are emerging every day, and we want to equip our organizations to embrace these ideas and generate their own.

What qualifies as innovation? Would my work fit into what is expected?

Most likely. The Fund is open to hearing and receiving as many new, re-vamped, and creative ideas and initiatives as possible. Through extensive community focus group studies, discussions, and interviews, we have identified several areas of particular need and opportunity for the Atlanta Jewish community. This list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive. If you have an idea outside these areas, we would still like to hear them!

  1. Becoming a welcoming community. How can we connect new arrivals and current residents to more Jewish opportunities?
  2. Engaging people and creating connections in micro-communities, knowing that there are many entry points to being Jewish, generally, and being Jewish in Atlanta, specifically.
  3. What does the new Jewish American family look like, and how can we support today’s families (multi-faith, multi-race, LGBTQ)?
  4. Aging populations are a growing segment of our population in Atlanta. What are ways we can serve this population better using community-building tactics and even technology?
  5. Home life is a big part of Jewish life and home ownership in Atlanta is particularly important to many residents. What are the ways that we can build on this sense of pride and infuse Jewish life into our home life?
  6. Transportation and mobility, as a means of overcoming geographical challenges and barriers to engagement. How can we build something that taps into existing infrastructure?
  7. Jewish leadership in civil society, social justice and connecting to the broader community. Where and what are the opportunities to build on these core Jewish values and where people are already participating?
  8. Jewish environmentalism and emphasis on food and farming are resonating more about more with not only millennials but other cohorts.
  9. How can we learn from Israel, especially on innovation and community asset-building through technology?
  10. Spirituality and wellness. What are the Jewish approaches and opportunities in these spaces? 

If I have received an Innovation Fund Grant before, can I still apply?

Yes, absolutely! 

If I have or currently receive money from Federation’s annual campaign, can I still apply?

Yes, again, absolutely!

How much can I potentially get if I were awarded? How many awards will be granted?

We expect that grants will range between $5,000-$25,000. The number of grants awarded will depend on the number of applicants, quality of applications, and available funds. 

Will this grant be multi-year? Can I apply for a second year of funding if I get awarded?

We are currently in our pilot year of the revamped fund. We will consider the possibility of multi-year funding after this year. 

What information will I need to submit to complete the Innovation Fund application?

You will need to fill out the grant application form online, complete the Innovation Fund Budget Form (Excel document) and submit your most recent annual report (Word/PDF), if available.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application and Grant Timeline

What is the timeline for the Innovation Fund?

Month Activity
March 1 Grant Applications due
March 30 Finalists identified
April Finalist Interviews
May Awardees notified
July 2 Funds awarded & Grant Year begins
December 31 Mid-Year Progress Report due
June 28, 2019 Final Innovation Fund Grant Reports due

A fully completed Innovation Fund application must include the following items:

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

After You Are Awarded A Grant

I have been awarded! What do I need to remember?

  • Funds must be used for solely operational and programmatic costs, as it relates specifically to your proposed Innovation Fund project.
  • Funds granted must be used during the project’s specific timeframe.
  • Any unused funds shall be returned to Federation, and will be applied for future Innovation Fund awards.
  • As a member of the Jewish innovation community, you may be called upon to provide mentorship to new cohorts of Innovation Fund awardees. Your participation will be integral to sustaining and inspiring thinkers and doers.
  • You may also be called upon to provide feedback to Federation – formally, e.g. surveys or informally, e.g. coffee conversations – about participating in the Innovation Fund experience. Your thoughts would help to further shape the grant, and inform decision-making.
  • Reporting will take place twice a year. Mid-Year Progress reports will be due December 31, 2018 and Final Innovation Fund Grant reports will be due June 28, 2019. More information will be communicated when appropriate.



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