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PJ Library

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PJ Library helped build our Jewish family

When you’re the daughter of a rabbi, falling in love and marrying a Gentile isn’t exactly in the script. Before having kids, I wondered, how would we both transmit the Jewish values and traditions that were still new to Mike?

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book it to shabbat pj

Book It To Shabbat

See why everyone wants to spend a November weekend at Camp Ramah Darom with PJ Library.

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PJ Our Way
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Tikkun Olam

Jewish values passed down to the next generation through PJ Library books.

Jewish Camping

camp is crazy fun

First-time camper says “Camp is crazy fun!”

This summer I had the most crazy fun experience of my life at Camp Ramah Darom.

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Inclusion should be what camp is all about

In preschool, our son was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction plus ADHD, and even for me, as a long-time professional in the disabilities world, Adam’s journey to inclusion has been an upward climb.

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Kids lead family into Jewish observance

Honestly, summer is always the most Jewish time in our family’s life.

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And then there was camp

Even though Maddie was raised Jewish, with two Jewish parents, she never really embraced her Judaism…until camp!

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A happy camper

Rural Mississippi may not boast a large Jewish population, but Kevin Levingston is proof a populace does exist; he is a third generation Jew from Cleveland, Mississippi who loved Jewish camp.

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Jewish camp experiences

Atlanta Jewish Teen Initiative (AJTI) – Learn more about this new program


Hope Chernak to lead AJTI in Atlanta

Learn about the leader of the new Atlanta Jewish Teen Initiative.

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Atlanta selected

JumpSpark: Sports 2018

Atlanta Jewish Teen Initiative Director, Hope Chernak


israeli tourists

Birthright touched me in ways I didn’t expect

“I honestly didn’t want to leave”

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Hunting for identity

Matthew had a life-changing Birthright experience.

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It happened in Yokneam-Meggido

Even before Ilana left for Israel, something on the itinerary – a stop in Yokneam-Meggido — sounded familiar, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

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The impact of a Birthright trip

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