Sukkot Around Atlanta

September 21, 2016

Sukkot, the Jewish harvest holiday, begins at sundown on Sunday, October 16 and lasts through October 23. Atlanta’s gorgeous October weather makes it a glorious time to observe the holiday’s central mitzvah — “dwelling” (eating meals, sleeping, or just hanging out) in a sukkah. Many synagogues listed here open their sukkahs to the community. And you’re invited to bring your lunch to Federation during Sukkot and join us in our sukkah.

10/16 – MJCCA Family Pizza in the Hut (advance registration required)
10/17 – Epstein School Grades 2 and 3 Family Sukkah Social
10/20 – Sukkot at Moishe House Inman Park – (ages 22-32)
10/23 – MJCCA Sukkot Fall Harvest Festival  (Contact: Brian Glusman)

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