Simplify your charitable giving.

What is a donor-advised fund? Simply put, a donor-advised fund is a personal charitable tool that helps you organize your charitable giving into one account. It can help you manage your philanthropy in a way that makes sense with your overall tax planning.

A donor-advised fund allows you to engage and educate your children in charitable giving today, and tomorrow if you name them as alternate or successor trustees.

A donor-advised fund can help in your tax and financial planning. For example, if you have unusually high income or substantial long-term capital gains in a particular year, you can contribute to your donor-advised fund, receive your charitable tax deduction for that year, and recommend grants to be made in future years.

Contributions to donor-advised funds are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by the law.

A donor-advised fund enables you to remain an active participant in the charitable grant-making process. A donor-advised fund established with Atlanta Jewish Foundation has the added benefit of supporting our Jewish community and giving you access to professionals who can guide you along the way.

How does it work? Establish a fund with Atlanta Jewish Foundation by completing a simple agreement and making an initial contribution. Continue to contribute cash or securities to your fund at any time. Receive an income tax deduction in the year you make your gift, yet have the flexibility to recommend fund distributions of those assets in future years. If you contribute appreciated assets, Atlanta Jewish Foundation will sell the assets and, because we are a tax-exempt organization, no capital gains taxes will be payable, yet you will receive a receipt for the full fair market value of the gift. Atlanta Jewish Foundation invests your donor-advised fund assets¹. Income generated is reinvested and grows tax-free. We provide you with quarterly reports of your fund’s activity. Although the fund is the property of Atlanta Jewish Foundation, you and/or anyone you designate may recommend grant distributions to be made to qualified nonprofit organizations from the fund at any time. Grant recommendations are vetted and paid on a weekly basis.

What are the benefits? A donor-advised fund makes it possible for you to have a personal charitable fund in your name without any of the distribution and reporting requirements imposed upon private family foundations.

By having your donor-advised fund with Atlanta Jewish Foundation, you can learn about and support Jewish and other communal needs.

How do I get started? Click here to open a donor-advised fund. For more information, please download our donor-advised fund handbook.

Questions? Contact Cindy Weik.

¹Donors maintaining balances of $250,000 or more have the option to choose their own managers for these funds.


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