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Organizational Grants

Requirements and How to Apply

A project will be considered only once per calendar year, though an organization or individual can apply for more than one project within a calendar year.

We encourage anyone who has an idea to apply, whether you come from a large organization, small organization, or no organization at all. Applications are accepted and awarded on a rolling basis, up to $5000.

  • Cycle 1: Due 8/19. Announced 9/13.
  • Cycle 2: Due 11/4. Announced 11/21.
  • Cycle 3: Due 03/03. Announced 03/27
  • Cycle 4: Due 07/21. Announced 8/14


The Making Jewish Place initiative is constantly growing and evolving. As we continue to identify underserved neighborhoods, the relevancy and necessity of opportunities like Making Jewish Places is paramount. Having the ability to create connections with intentionality and empower community members to shape the landscape of their Jewish community is a deeply sought-after gift. 

  • Applications and awards are accepted and awarded ranging from $2500-$5000.
    • A single organization can receive up to $2500
    • A collaborative approach (including 2+ organizations) can receive up to $5000
  • MJP Organizational Grants do not fund political campaigns, capital campaigns, or endowments.

Interested in getting feedback about your project idea? Reach out to Carla Birnbaum, Relational Engagement Manager. She will work with you on how to best prepare your idea for submission and offer feedback as requested.