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Jewish Community Professionals Day School Grant

Jewish community professionals working at eligible Jewish non-profits in Atlanta may receive up to 50% off tuition at a participating Jewish day school
— Atlanta Jewish Academy, The Davis Academy, The Epstein School and Torah Day School of Atlanta.


(This grant previously only applied to Jewish high schools, specifically Atlanta Jewish Academy, The Weber School, and Temima: The Richard & Jean Katz High School for Girls. To get the full high school information, click here.)

WHAT: A grant covering up to 50% of tuition at participating Cognia or SAIS accredited Jewish day schools for the children of Jewish community professionals who meet specific criteria. The tuition grant is guaranteed for the duration of the child’s attendance in elementary or middle school at The Davis Academy, The Epstein School or Torah Day School of Atlanta. These grants are funded by members of the Atlanta Jewish community with appreciation and gratitude for the many contributions these professionals make. Each school is allocated a pool of funds that is distributed per capita to eligible students.

WHO: Jewish community professionals who work full-time (32+ hours per week) for an eligible Jewish non-profit institution in Atlanta. Review the prompt below to see eligibility criteria.

WHEN: The JCP Day School Tuition Grant will launch across all grades in the 2024-2025 school year. The Grant will also be available for eligible students entering Kindergarten, 1st, 5th, and 6th grades at participating schools in Fall 2025 and Fall 2026. Once a student begins receiving the Grant, they are guaranteed to receive it for the duration of their enrollment in elementary or middle school, whichever school division they were enrolled when they began receiving the JCP Grant.

Next Steps?

For students of eligible Jewish professionals currently attending or considering applying for entrance to one of the participating Jewish day schools in Atlanta, contact:

Atlanta Jewish Academy
Sara Fisher, Director of Admissions | 678-298-5377
The Davis Academy
Lisa Mirsky, Director of Admissions | 678-527-3300
The Epstein School
Laura Weiss, Director of Recruitment and Enrollment | 404-250-5607
Torah Day School of Atlanta
Leslee Morris, Admissions Director | 404.982.0800 ext. 100

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