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Federation’s Employee New Year’s Party Hits the Mark!

On Friday, Federation rang in the New Year with a staff party that had everyone looking sharp! The Culture Club planned a fun afternoon at Throw, Inc. to celebrate the hard work and dedication of their fellow employees. Click through to see who was honored—and who hit a bullseye!

President and CEO Eric M. Robbins handed out Employee Recognition Awards. These honors are voted on by the entire organization, and unsurprisingly, the winners are some of the hardest-working, most joyful people one could hope to encounter. The awards are themed after Federation’s five Core Values. These Core Values represent the ideals that staff strives for in their work each day: Collaboration, Empathy, Fearlessness, Positive Can-Do-Attitude, and Excellence.

The winners are (from left to right):

(Tonya not pictured)

Spirit of Collaboration: Nathan Brodsky, Director of JumpSpark

Spirit of Empathy: Jeanette Park, Director of Human Resources

Spirit of Excellence: Arielle Orlansky, Director of Women’s’ Philanthropy

Spirit of Fearlessness: Kaylin Berinhout, Foundation Operations Manager

Spirit of Positive Can-Do-Attitude: Tonya Stevens, Staff Accountant

Congratulations to the winners and thank you for lending your incredible work ethic and fantastic personalities to Jewish Atlanta.

The staff also enjoyed board games, food from Kosher Gourmet, and making Sweethearts Day cards for the residents at Jewish HomeLife facilities. And yes, some took turns throwing axes!

The team at Federation works hard all year to make Jewish Atlanta a welcoming place for all; it is important to celebrate and appreciate the people who make Federation run and ensure our partners can deliver vital services across our city (and our world!).

This event, and others like it that celebrate our diligent and passionate team, was organized by Federation’s Culture Club. Thank you to the Culture Club for helping us start the new year on target!

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