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Happiness from Helping Others

By March 13, 2023March 15th, 2023Atlanta Jewish Community

By Matt Bronfman, Federation Board Chair 

On Purim, we celebrate by drinking, eating and making merry. According to the Talmud, this entire month of Adar is known to be an especially happy time. But sometimes, we each experience that it is difficult to find joy when the world seems to have so many problems. However, there is one almost sure-fire way to increase your chances of being happy.  

Recent scientific research has shown that giving back is linked to lower levels of depression and anxiety, improved health, and a reduction of stress hormones. It doesn’t matter whether participants donated to charity or volunteered their time— regardless, researchers found an immediate positive impact. I recently had the privilege of hearing from one of the world’s leading philanthropists, Bernie Marcus, about his experiences as a giver. He spoke at our Grow a Legacy event about the incredible happiness that making a difference in other people’s lives had brought to him, personally.  

So, for your own good, I urge you to donate your time, talent and/or treasure. You can peruse our website and look for a program that will fit your passions, or contact the Atlanta Jewish Foundation and learn how to set up an endowment for a local Jewish institution. I promise it will make your Adar a happier one! 

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