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PJ Library Gives Micah a Lifelong Relationship to Judaism

There are PJ Library resources for children and parents at every stage of life—from supporting new parents with JBaby, to engaging kids from 9-12 years old with PJ Our Way. PJ Library books, resources, and programs shed light on the beautiful and multifaceted parts of Judaism—the rituals, the stories, and the joy—that bind children to the global Jewish community.

“My 1 1/2-year-old, Micah, is obsessed with checking the mail. He wants to check it 3+ times a day! So, when his PJ library book arrives in the mail with HIS name on it, it’s a big party! Getting it out of the mailbox, opening the package, and discovering his new book—every step just lights him up. And our PJ books are some of our daily reads. He loves singing along to ‘Dayenu’—even my non-Jewish husband joins in on the songs! I love how PJ connects him to his Jewish identity.” – East Atlanta Village Family 

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