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The Latest Information and Stories on the Crisis in Ukraine

We are so proud to report that as of today, donations to the Ukraine Emergency Fund have reached just over $2.6 million. Your dollars have had tremendous impact. Working with our partners Jewish Federations of North America, Jewish Agency for Israel, and the Joint Distribution Committee, North American Jewish communities provided $73 million.

Over 18,000 olim (immigrants) fleeing Ukraine and Russia have arrived in Israel. Their arrival is made possible by donations from the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA). Over 39,000 refugees have been provided with vital necessities and over 63,000 calls have been received or made on various emergency hotlines. Please continue to support our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Over 375 organizations urged the Biden Administration to support Ukrainian refugees. Jewish Federations sent a letter to the White House, urging President Biden to expedite admissions for Ukrainian refugees with close family ties in the US, so they can wait in the US in safety while their cases are processed. Click here to view the letter.

Jewish Federations have collectively raised $50 million for Ukrainian relief efforts since the fighting began. Click here to see the latest update on the allocations process and decisions.

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