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Jewish Community of Atlanta


A community is often defined by geography or a common interest. But a community’s efficiency and effectiveness are limited when disparate organizations function independently. A critical function of the Federation is to provide vision, cohesion, and big-picture thinking in order to increase our collective intelligence. We facilitate partnerships so data, insights, and trends are shared throughout the community.


Federation today is much more than a fundraising organization – we are a philanthropic champion and a champion of a dynamic Jewish ecosystem of synagogues, schools, social services agencies, camps, and more.

We are planners who see the big picture and can do what no single agency can do alone. Every dimension of the decision-making process is a partnership between our volunteer leadership, our Federation professionals, and the programs that deliver vital services. We evaluate and collaborate to identify where needs are greatest. When we invest, we always have measurable outcomes and goals in mind.

Our mission will always be expansive — to lead and engage Jews and their loved ones, to support our people around the world, and to plan for Atlanta’s Jewish future.

Atlanta Jewish Ecosystem

Atlanta has worked diligently to un-silo the Jewish community and fortify our mutual connections. We view our large network of synagogues, schools, and organizations as a Jewish Ecosystem that values collaboration, conversation, and partnerships. Federation convenes quarterly meetings of the 60+ members of our Ecosystem to share ideas and plan together for programs and initiatives that will benefit the whole.

Community Services and Partnerships

Jewish Atlanta is an intricate ecosystem that works best when it works together. Here are some of the services and partnerships that benefit the whole community.

  • Federation’s partners meet extensive criteria in order to receive funds.
  • Atlanta Jewish Foundation plans for the future of our Jewish community through legacy giving.
  • Community Security:  The Community-Wide Security program gives all organizations in Jewish Atlanta access to top-tier security resources to ensure the safety of our community.

Community Health Trust

Federation administers a community health plan that is available to our partners. The Community Health Trust’s large network of subscribers helps keep healthcare costs in check for our Jewish communal organizations.

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