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Jewish Leadership Development

Leadership doesn’t happen by accident.

For both professionals and Jewish organizations, we provide resources to attract, nurture and retain leaders. We also help volunteers match their skills and interests to find a fit that works best for them, the organization, and the community.

JPro: Jewish Communal Professionals Leadership Development

Through the JPro professional association, Federation takes the lead on bringing Atlanta Jewish communal professionals together to promote a learning culture and to most effectively lead our community.

Jewish Education Collaborative works to see the success of every Jewish educator.

Community Leadership Development

Leaders and volunteers can grow and thrive at Federation and throughout Jewish Atlanta. See how we support your leadership potential and develop your skills.

Federation fosters a number of leadership programs to provide training and development for different stages of leadership growth such as:

Jacobson Leadership Institute
• Tritt Leadership Development Institute
• Frank Mission


Leadership Programs

Jacobson Leadership Institute 

Jacobson Leadership Institute (JLI) is a think tank and training ground for adaptive leadership and good governance within Jewish Atlanta’s communal organizations. This Federation-run program brings in local and national experts to help facilitate discussions and training about Jewish community leadership in the face of limited resources. JLI provides educational opportunities for a cohort of lay leader representatives of synagogues, day schools, agencies and organizations who are typically newer to midway in their leadership journey, with the goal of building a coalition of informed community leaders to help strengthen their own organizations and the Atlanta Jewish community.  Participants in the program are nominated by participating organizations.

Tritt Leadership Development Institute

The Tritt Family Foundation and Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta designed the Tritt Leadership Development Institute to create a committed leadership ladder by developing and skilled future leaders with shared experiences, a shared vision and a common communal agenda. The nine-month Institute consists of a one-week mission to Israel and local retreats/seminars.  Participants in the program are selected via a committee which includes Federation team members, Tritt alumni and members of the Tritt family.  Upon completion of the program, Federation works closely with these lay leaders to help them translate their passions into service opportunities within our Jewish community.

Frank Mission  

The Frank Family and Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta created the Frank Leadership Mission in order to engage the next generation of leaders in our community. The mission seeks to inspire and deepen an individual’s love for the State of Israel, appreciation for the importance of our community and to develop a greater understanding of the role that Federation plays in each. After the mission Federation works with participants to help them translate their passions into service opportunities within our Jewish community.