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alef fund


ALEF Fund provides a unique opportunity for Georgia taxpayers to expand Jewish educational possibilities. Through ALEF Fund you can turn a portion of your state taxes into scholarships for any of 18 participating Jewish schools and preschools. There is virtually no cost to you — you are simply redirecting a portion of the state tax you would pay anyway.

Supporting Jewish Education in Georgia

The ALEF Fund was established by Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta in 2008 in response to new state legislation when Georgia’s General Assembly passed the Education Expense Credit law to provide families in our state with access to better educational opportunities for their children. The ALEF Fund provides scholarships to pre-k, kindergarten, primary or secondary public school students who wish to attend participating Jewish private schools. It is the only organization in Georgia that provides student scholarships exclusively to Jewish preschools, day schools and high schools. Our guiding principle is to improve the affordability of Jewish education by awarding scholarship dollars to eligible students.

ALEF Fund by the Numbers


in government funds available for SSOs


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