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Frequently Asked Questions

The National Rally will be livestreamed here:


Questions Regarding the Day of the Rally:

We have answered a few key questions below, but please check the National Rally site for all up-to-date information on the details pertaining to security, entrance locations, etc. 

What is the timing of the Rally?

  • The program begins at 1:00pm. Doors open at 10:00am to allow people to enter the area and get through security.  The pre-program event begins at 11:30am.  We expect the entire program to be over by 3:00pm.

Should I purchase a Metrocard?

  • We strongly encourage participants to download a Metro SmartTrip into their Google or Apple Wallet to avoid purchasing a paper metrocard from a kiosk. Use this link to setup on your phone:

Where will the check-in/entrance area be?

Do I need a ticket to get into the Rally?

  • Blue bracelets are being provided for priority entrance into the secured area. Please stop by the Atlanta meeting place to pick one up.

Will there be food and beverages available for purchase at the site of the event?

  • At this time, we are unable to provide food and beverages, you will need to exit the venue and re-enter through a security line. Participants are encouraged to bring food and beverages with them into the event area.

What type of security will there be?

  • Every entrance will have a magnetometer. For more detailed information check

Are bags allowed into the event?

  • Yes, backpacks are encouraged so you can bring your own food and beverages. However, luggage and large bags are not permitted. Backpacks and bags may not exceed 18” x 13” x 7”.

Are water bottles permitted in the event?

  • Plastic water bottles are permitted. However, metal or glass bottles will not be allowed through security.

Are signs and flags permitted in the event?

  • Yes, feel free to bring signs to the event. But please note that while paper signs are allowed, sticks, poles and posts are prohibited.
  • Israeli hand flags and American hand flags will be distributed. You are welcome to bring your own, but flag poles and wooden stakes are prohibited.

Can I bring a Weapon?

  • No weapons are allowed at the event.

Will there be Accessibility Accommodations?

Atlanta Specific Questions:

Will there be a meeting place for Atlanta participants on Tuesday?

  • There are two meeting spots for the Atlanta contingent, one outside the rally and one inside. YOU NEED TO STOP BY THE OUTSIDE MEETING SPOT FIRST before you go in.
      This is the meeting spot outside the rally (click for Google maps).When you come out of the Smithsonian Metro station, you will be facing the Capitol. Turn to the left and go down the gravel path to the intersection with the next gravel path; turn left again as though you were going to the Washington Monument. We will have a staffer waiting there starting at 9:30 am. The gates to the rally open at 10 am.At this location, you will receive:
      – a blue bracelet to let you into the rally
      – an option to pick up ATL specific items (as available) including hats, t-shirts, and signs

Small bags or backpacks will be allowed into the rally. Backpacks and bags may not exceed 18” x 13” x 7”. (NOTE: suitcases/luggage will not be permitted.)

      Once through the entrance, head to the right towards the Smithsonian castle. We will be meeting here – in front is a statute of Prof. Joseph Henry.Joseph Henry statue in front of the Smithsonian.A Federation staffer will be in the vicinity of the statue with a helium “A” balloon or similar.


  • There is a pre-show at 11:30 am and the rally runs from 1 to 3 pm. While there may be food and water vendors near the Mall, the event does not have any food available once you are inside the perimeter of the rally. Please make sure you bring enough water to stay hydrated and any snacks you may need.


  • It is going to be really crowded, so finding folks may be difficult, which is why we have established the two meeting spots to serve as bases that you can return to if you get separated from your people.

Will there be Atlanta shirts, hats and signs available and how will we receive them?

  • We will have Atlanta hats and signs at the Rally. Please also feel free to print signs on your own. Please stop by the Atlanta meeting location outside of the security area to pick up your items.

Is Atlanta coordinating transportation from the airport?

  • Please make your own arrangements from the airport to the Rally or your hotel. We highly encourage you to download the Metro SmartTrip app on your phone ahead of time to avoid having to purchase a paper metrocard from a kiosk.

Questions Regarding the Bus from Atlanta to DC:

Can I still sign up to take the bus?

  • The bus is now full.

Where will the bus depart from on Monday, November 13th?

  • The bus will leave from a location shared via email. If you need this information, please contact Leslie Anderson at [email protected]

What time will the bus leave Atlanta on Monday, November 13th?

  • UPDATE: Please be at the bus departure location no later than 11:30am

What time will the bus leave Washington, DC on Tuesday, November 13th?

  • UPDAE: The bus will leave Washington, DC when the Rally ends. We will meet at Franconia-Springfield Metro Station at 4:30pm.

Will we provide food (meals or snacks) on the bus?

  • No, we will not provide meals or snacks on the bus, however, you are welcome to bring food with you and the bus will make stops along the way and there will be opportunities to purchase food then.

Can I bring a gun or weapon on the bus?

  • No, you cannot bring a gun or any other weapon on the bus or to the Rally.








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