What Is Innovation?

There’s a bold new culture of experimentation, learning and collaboration surging across Jewish Atlanta, and a wave of creativity coming forth from Federation’s innovation initiatives. Innovation is a dynamic mindset that encourages us to try new things, to experiment and to regroup and re-set when things don’t go as planned. Over the last six months, we’ve propelled and nurtured many bold new ideas for social good. This page provides a road map to the work we’re doing with established organizations, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, startups and more. Have a look at the big ideas that are buzzing and blooming here! Check out our Jewish Atlanta Innovation Facebook page for updates on activities.

Who We Are

Jori Mendel

Vice President of Innovation

“Innovation at its core is about creating, fostering and supporting connections throughout our community and Greater ATL and empowering each other to boldly move forward together.”

Isabel Ranner

Impact and Innovation Associate

“Innovation happens when we create environments for our ideas to connect, and also create the trust and openness for them to flourish.”

Our Success Formula

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“The Women’s Accelerator is a phenomenal platform for Jewish connectivity, women empowerment and personal growth. The instructors have inspired me to sharpen my message, look at things differently, prepare a business plan and conquer my fear of public speaking. It’s been a journey to a new world of amazing individuals with goals, plans, dreams!”

Galia Sabbag, Founder - Shira Stories & Women’s Accelerator Participant

“For someone new to the Atlanta Jewish scene, it’s a tremendous benefit to be able to cross paths with other movers and shakers in the ATL Jewish universe.” –

Lily Brent, Director - Repair the World Atlanta

In the Press


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