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Women's Philanthropy Community Event Guest Speaker: Lizzy Savetsky

Lizzy Savetsky is a leading Jewish influencer and pro-Israel activist. 

Lizzy started her online journey over a decade ago as a fashion blogger, posting on her blog, Excessories Expert, and Instagram page. Gradually – Lizzy began to share more about her family life, Jewish faith and traditions, and educational content, including “Yiddish Word of the Week” and her daughter’s weekly “Torah Corner.” In 2019, Lizzy changed her handle from ExcessoriesExpert to LizzySavetsky to focus more exclusively on Jewish and Israel content. 

Lizzy has spoken publicly about her struggles with alcoholism and her challenges with infertility and pregnancy loss. She has worked to destigmatize these topics and helped thousands to feel less alone. 

In 2021 Lizzy dedicated a Sefer Torah to the IDF in memory of pregnancy loss, following a global campaign to raise $57,000 from thousands of individuals, in the merit of the lives that never came to fruition.  

Lizzy was a dedicated voice for Israel long before October 7, but in the past few months she has used her platforms to support Israel, interview families of hostages and survivors of the massacre, support Jewish college students, and educate her followers about the increase in antisemitism around the world. 

Lizzy is the author of “Thou Shalt Be Beautiful: The Forgotten Jewish Ideal,” which was published by Wicked Son in 2023 as part of the book Jewish Priorities: Sixty-Five Proposals for the Future of Our People, along with contributions from prominent Jewish thought leaders.   

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Lizzy lives in New York City with her husband Dr. Ira Savetsky – a renowned plastic surgeon – and their three children. 


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