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Propel Grants For Intrapreneurs & Entrepreneurs

Propel Grants

Are you an intrapreneur driving change within an existing Jewish organization? Are you an entrepreneur with a big idea that could transform Jewish life in Atlanta? Propel Innovation grants, funded by Federation Innovation, could give your ideas the right momentum to fly.

Application Information

Propel Grant Requests for Proposal (RFPs) applications are open each winter with awards up to $60K. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your passion for a project that can spark long-term systemic change and social good in Jewish Atlanta.

We’re looking for leaders with the drive and commitment to launch sustainable projects for social good. We’re investing in transformative, creative, scalable, and community-driven projects and technologies that reimagine Jewish life in Atlanta and catalyze positive change.



If I have received Federation funding in the past, can I still apply?
Yes! However, some extra information may be required.

How many grants will be awarded?
We anticipate supporting 8-10 projects, with the exact number of awards varying by the number of applicants, quality of applicants, and available funds.

What should I expect from the interview?
You will have an opportunity to elaborate on your application and participate in an interview where separate think tank committee members will address any aspects of the application in depth.

Can I get funding for any type of initiative?
Anything in the teen ecosystem (teens, parents of teens, and teen educators) is not eligible for Propel Grants. All teen funding is facilitated by JumpSpark.

Can I launch an initiative for a community outside of Atlanta?
Propel Grants must be serving the Jewish Atlanta community.

When do I need to spend these grant funds?
Funds must be used during specified grant time.

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