The Front Porch

What We Did

How We Did It


* took a leap of faith

* unleashed creativity and saw what stuck

* took a deep dive into critical data

* broke bread with industry experts

* challenged our current thinking

* asked, “How can we evolve?”

We were guided expertly through this work by a wonderful team at the Greater Philadelphia-based strategy, change and leadership consulting firm, Insyte Partners. For more about Insyte and their process, click here.

Here's What Resulted From the Front Porch:

Five Impact Areas for the Community

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Jewish Journeys

Shaping Jewish learning and experiences for those who are all in on Jewish life, at moments when Jewish wisdom might matter most, and inspiring Jewish curiosity in our daily lives.

Jewish Places

Activating a vibrant network of local leaders and micro-communities connected through geographic and online hubs so that Jewish organizations can creatively distribute services and resources.

Radically Welcoming Spaces

Jewish Atlanta is known for being radically welcoming, diverse, affordable and inclusive of the many ways to live, be and express Judaism. We spend time with one another across all our magnificent diversity.

Global Jewish Peoplehood

We tell a modern story of Israel highlighting its innovation, resilience, and bold pragmatism. Atlanta is the place for open dialogue among people of diverse viewpoints talking about Israel respectfully and listening until it hurts!
Atlantans, Israelis and Jews around the world learn about each other by engaging in Jewish learning together, in programmatic exchange and in immersive visits.

Rising Up

We remain committed to supporting our aging population, people with disabilities, and those facing life challenges by nurturing organizations like Jewish Family & Career Services, Jewish Home Life Communities and Jewish Abilities Alliance. We also want to strengthen what brings meaning and purpose to life – spirituality, wellness, personal growth and community service – through new opportunities such as Repair the World Atlanta.

Five Roles for Federation

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Philanthropic Champion

We view ourselves first and foremost as the philanthropic champions of Atlanta, and we earn the right to raise money as we lead change.


In order to drive the community forward with collective giving, we cannot be just fundraisers, while that remains a critical role and something we wholeheartedly embrace. We have to be an incubator, functioning as a lab to nourish new initiatives that help our community until they are ready to go out on their own or live within existing organizations.


We have to be an amplifier, promoting and magnifying our partner’s work, and asking the hard questions to hold the community accountable to the collective vision that has been created.


We have to be a wayfinder, linking people to services, resources and events, helping people navigate our community through personal warmth as well as technology.

Community Intelligence

We must serve as the source of community intelligence, supporting our community with “big data” so we can serve our ecosystem today and actively plan for the future.

Lots of New, Exciting Prototypes!

To find out how we are currently incubating and realizing these great ideas, please visit our Innovation page.


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