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Winter Gather Grants are now open!

Please note programs should be planned for JANUARY and FEBRUARY.

Apply for a Gather Grant

Please complete the form below to apply for a $180 Gather Grant.
We’ll notify you within 10 business days about the status of your application.

By filling out this application, you agree to:
1. Host a meaningful Jewish event.
2. Invite at least 10 people to attend.
3. Fill out a post-event survey about the experience hosting your event.

Access complete Gather Grant info at

Please email Carla Birnbaum at with any questions.

Which of these statements, if any, apply to you? Please select all that apply.(Required)
I am:(Required)
Gather Grants events should include at least 10 people. Attendees may be adults or children and should include people outside your family. Please enter a number.
How did you hear about the Gather Grants program? Please select all that apply.(Required)