Talk to your family and friends, and you’ll be amazed by how much your Federation has impacted their lives. From PJ Library, Hillel, senior services, and inclusion support to financial stability, health, well-being, and so much more, your Federation has a reach, relevancy, and impact unlike any other organization. As part of Federation, you build the Jewish community in Atlanta and around the world. You support the programs that feed the hungry, transform Jewish identity, and resettle refugees in Israel. You make a difference in the lives of thousands of Jews.

Federation Wants Jewish Atlanta to thrive in 5 areas: Inspiring More Jewish Journeys, Making More Jewish places, Rising Up Higher for Those in Need, Moving to Global Jewish Peoplehood & Creating Radically Welcoming Spaces.

Inspiring More Jewish Journeys

Jewish journeys are as varied as the people who take them. Sometimes they begin in Jewish families. Sometimes not. They can take root at Jewish day schools, or bloom at summer camp. They can happen in synagogues or through social justice activities. Jewish journeys can be ignited by study and travel. And they also happen unpredictably, creating new family groups and friendship networks.

We want to provide more pathways to immersive and meaningful Jewish experiences, for people of all ages. We want to make timeless Jewish wisdom accessible to everyone. Helping people flourish Jewishly, at every stage of life, is Federation’s purpose.

Learn about how we are inspiring Jewish journeys through Engagement and Education & Leadership Development.

Making More Jewish places

With strong Jewish leadership, the possibilities for our community are limitless. As part of Federation, you give Jews of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to become leaders. Educators, teens, college students, and others like you in the community learn what it takes to define problems, create solutions, build consensus, and create impact.

Learn about how we are keeping our Jewish places safe through our community security program and other Community Services.

Rising Up Higher for Those in Need

Our Jewish institutions are magnificent! They sustain our elderly, our needy, the unemployed, underemployed, and people with disabilities. We will never walk away from our responsibilities or the unique Jewish mandate of tikkun olam, to heal the world.

Becoming a 21st century Jewish community, demands that Federation be a co-creator and partner in programs and services that lift up all human beings. We’ll work collaboratively, both inside and outside the Jewish community, to heal, to help and to work for justice. And just as flight attendants say, “Put on your own oxygen mask first,” we also recognize the need to heal ourselves, to address our own families in order to heal the world.

Learn about our impact in Caring & Inclusion.

Moving to Global Jewish Peoplehood

The Jewish world is changing. Israel, once dependent on American Jewish financial support, has a thriving economy and a culture of remarkable innovation and resilience. European Jewish communities too, are reviving and reclaiming their heritage.

We recognize that we need Israel’s spirit and know-how as much as Israel needs us. We’re creating more opportunities for Atlanta Jews to visit Israel and Jewish communities around the world. We‘re bringing more young Israelis here. And we’re forging stronger relationships with the thousands of Israelis who live in Atlanta and contribute to its vitality.

Israel is a complicated modern nation. But even when emotions run high, we’re committed to convening respectful, open dialogue about Israel where we truly listen and learn from each other.

Learn about our impact in Israel & Overseas.

Creating Radically Welcoming Spaces

We’ve learned from you, and from The Front Porch, that sometimes Jewish places can be intimidating and uncomfortable for Jews and their loved ones. If you’ve never been to a synagogue, a bar mitzvah, or a Passover seder, you might feel like an outsider – even if you’re Jewish!

Federation is lowering barriers to Jewish experiences and potential connections, meeting people where they already are. We understand that truly welcoming people is more than saying, “Hi, we’re glad you’re here.” It’s about policies and programs that open our arms to all Jews and their loved ones. It’s about investing in people, making them feel their presence matters, and that they have gifts to share.


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