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Educational Workshops

A 3-part virtual series focusing on baby development from 0-6 and 6-12 months old. Sessions meet from 7:30-9 pm with access to specialists who can share all the tips and tricks to understanding your baby’s development and challenges in their first year. In this series information will be shared but not pushed so that parents can decide what works best for their family. $36 per couple


Baby Development 0-6 Months

Thursday, February 16
Session 1 | Sleep Baby, Sleep!

Better sleep for baby and you. Meet with a Moms on Call sleep consultant and baby nurse who can guide you through understanding baby sleep cycles, naps, overnight sleep, and tips and tricks to help you and your baby on the path towards better sleep.

Thursday, February 23
Session 2 | Meeting those Milestones!

Learn from a pediatric occupational therapist about all the micro-steps in development that lead to tummy time, rolling, and crawling. Explore how play can help your baby reach their milestones through healthy growth and learning.

Thursday, March 2
Session 3 | Is food before 1 just for fun?
A CHOA Feeding Therapist will teach you about your baby’s oral motor development, tips and tricks to starting solids, and more! You’ll discuss how to determine if purees or baby-led-weaning (or both!) is the best fit for your family.

Baby Development 6-12 Months

Session 1 | Is food before one just for fun? Solids and Nutrition.
A nutritionist and feeding therapist will help you understand more about your baby’s oral motor development, tips and tricks for eating all the solids. You’ll learn more about moving to a baby-led weaning style of eating and your baby’s nutritional needs as they explore new foods.

Session 2 | Meeting those Milestones!
Explore your baby’s physical development with a pediatric occupational therapist and explore how play can help your baby reach their milestones and all the micro-steps that lead towards crawling and walking.

Session 3 | Communication through Play!
Explore your baby’s communication development with a pediatric speech language pathologist and learn how play can help your baby’s cognitive development to process the world around them. You’ll explore ways to use and teach words, books and baby sign language.

Read quotes from our participants!

“The JBaby educational workshops were a fantastic way for my husband and I to connected with other new or soon to be parents within the Jewish community in Atlanta as we have much in common and share many of the same questions and concerns. The speakers were excellent and went above and beyond to answer our questions!  In addition, the Jewish tie in with each workshop theme was a great touch. For example, when it comes to nutrition, we are actively trying to make each Shabbat meaningful in a way that works for us and a fun sensory experience for our little baby girl.” -Rebecca Gurevich

“We really enjoyed the JBaby educational workshops–especially since we could attend from home and still learn as a community! I learned SO much from the professionals they had present, especially during the Occupational therapy and starting solids workshops, and it was really helpful for my husband to be in the room and able to tune in as well. The Jewish lens gave these workshop meaning and ritual around them that we could not get anywhere else, and JBaby made it easy to tune out any other overwhelm of what we need to learn as new parents by giving us very distinct workshops as part of a package.” -Rachel Moldovan

“The JBaby educational series was a great way to learn and meet other Jewish families in a similar life stage. We really enjoyed the flexibility to join virtually from home (with our newborn sleeping upstairs!) and it definitely made us feel more prepared for milestones that lie ahead.” -Jenna Chaiken

The Jbaby series has been wonderful for my husband and me! We really enjoyed connecting with other new families each week and learning from some top notch consultants and therapists. The series felt very cohesive and informative. I liked how each session was connected to a concept in Judaism and we left with a tidbit of information we could incorporate into our everyday lives.” -Amy Lee

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All JBaby events are open to couples, single parents, parents by birth, adoption or surrogacy, families that are interfaith, LGBTQ+, and multiracial, along with families of all abilities. Let us know if you need any accommodations so that we can best serve you and your loved ones.

JBaby is a new initiative sponsored by PJ Library