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A Sanctuary for our Children

By July 8, 2022July 11th, 2022Atlanta Jewish Community

By Matt Bronfman, Federation Board Chair
It is summer, which for many of us means Jewish summer camp. More than ever, camp is a sanctuary for our children and many of us remember our camp days as some of the happiest and most carefree times of our lives. Federation’s targeted fundraising plays a key role behind the scenes to make sure that camp is accessible, dynamic, and safe for our children.

This summer we have provided over $1M in aid to eliminate financial barriers for over 700 campers. We are on the ground training camp staff to work with children who have disabilities. We also make camps better by providing grants that support inclusion, as well as obtaining and disbursing outside grants. Federation awards Innovation Grants that launch and develop new programs like In the City Camps.

Most importantly, Federation makes sure that camp is safe. We provided additional Covid relief funds to overnight camps to help with testing and other preparations. On the security front, we have trained over 340 overnight staff and provided security assessments for multiple camps. Through your generosity and support, we are providing the infrastructure to make summertime for Jewish Atlanta better. I hope you enjoy your summer!

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