COVID-19 Resources

The unsettling, fast-moving and unpredictable world of life with COVID-19 is upon us. As we’re all discovering, a worldwide pandemic disrupts everyone on an unprecedented scale. COVID-19 represents a challenge to all of us in varying degrees. For some, it is frustrating and a grave inconvenience. For others, it is life changing, scary and a very real threat. For all of us, it represents the opportunity to ensure that our community does what we do best—come together and support one another. 

Please note that we are erring on the side of communicating quickly rather than perfectly, so anticipate updates and/or corrections on a regular basis. 

Our primary concern is the health and well-being of our community members. If you need help or resources please find them here. Find volunteer opportunities here and make a donation here.

Learn about the growing needs in our community and how the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund is delivering immediate impact to help

A growing list of resources available for families, those in need, mental health, volunteer opportunities, and so much more.

What to do when you’re stuck at home? Many Jewish Atlanta events have moved online! And new ones are popping up all the time.

A growing list to help with a new kind of Passover.

Know of a resource, volunteer opportunity or virtual gathering that we haven’t captured? Submit it here!


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