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Exploring Jewish Contributions to Art and Culture in “Side By Side” Series

The Breman Museum and Neranenah Concert and Culture Series are thrilled to announce a new live performance series called “Side by Side.” This week of live performances and conversations will explore Jewish contributions to American arts and culture. 

The series features concerts, film screenings, interviews, comedy, and a musical shabbat and will take place across metro Atlanta. “Side By Side” showcases local and international talent, including Ben and Leo Sidran, Eric Krasno, The Hello, Goodbye, & Peace Ensemble, Jessica Kirson, and more.  

Neranenah was previously known as the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival but has rebranded with the Hebrew name Neranenah, which means “to come together and sing.” Neranenah resumed in-person concerts last July and is continually working to bring the Jewish world together in community. 

Neranenah Executive Director Joe Alterman says, “This new series is really a love letter to showcase how Jewish contributions paved the way for much of what can be seen today in American arts and culture. When deciding on the right partner for this endeavor, The Breman Museum was a perfect choice because we are both non-profit organizations with a mission to stand side by side in promoting the arts and Jewish culture in our community.” 

Leslie Gordon, Executive Director at The Breman, says, “By partnering with Neranenah on this performance series, The Breman reinforces its commitment to bring quality entertainment to Atlanta that highlights Jewish culture and the influence Jews have had in the arts.” 

It is impossible to imagine what American music, movies, theatre, or comedy would be without the contribution of Jewish artists. This series celebrates creativity and is a love letter to the traditions that birthed our popular culture. 

“Side By Side” begins Sunday, August 21, and concludes Sunday, August 28. For a full schedule and to reserve your tickets, click here.  

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