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Spark Note: The Wisdom of Doing Nothing

By April 1, 2020March 10th, 2023JumpSpark

Sleep has always been my number one enemy. I viewed it as a personal crime against the way I was able to use my given time in this life. Why should I have to put everything on hold for 8 hours every single day? Didn’t seem efficient and I had places to go, big dreams to achieve. I lived for a decade with a “sleep when you’re dead” mantra running between my ears –  pounding coffee and demanding that I didn’t need to rest like other people. I worked multiple day and night jobs simultaneously from Sunday to Sunday with no Holy or unholy Sabbath to speak of. I thought I was in control, making the best of things. I thought I had cheated the system, but it turns out that the system exists so we cannot cheat ourselves. 

The past two weeks in quarantine have changed my busy bee mentality and forced me to make a change by taking me out of my “normal” and into this alternative reality, where I have all the time in the world. I am not constantly worried about just getting through the next big thing. Now, time spent sleeping, which used to make me feel guilty and unproductive, is actually making me a better version of myself. I have noticed greater mental and physical stamina, my appetite is back, and I have more control over my emotions. I am able to find inspiration to continue my songwriting more easily and I can see the bigger picture of my journey without anxiety. 

Using time wisely doesn’t mean you always have to be doing or making something. Sometimes the wisest thing to do is nothing at all.  

Hannah Zale is Jewish professional by day and a rock star by night!

Hannah grew up in Warner Robins, a small town in middle Georgia, where she and her brother were the only Jewish children around. She is a recent graduate of The University of Georgia, where she earned degrees in both Social Media Theory and Music Business and is now putting her education to the ultimate test — zealously managing her career as an independent artist! She’s currently in four bands that tour around the country (ZALE, The Pussywillows, Millenniyum, and Chelsea Shag) and is also the Youth Director at Beth Shalom.

Hannah has served as In the City Camps (ITC) Summer Camp Music Specialist since 2015. In the fall of 2019, Hannah joined the ITC team full-time as the Community Outreach Coordinator, cultivating meaningful partnerships with other organizations, managing staff recruitment, and finding resources to support ITC’s mission and culture throughout the community.

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