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Yo-Tech Opens Doors to Tech Careers in Yokneam

Across the road from a residential neighborhood in Yokneam lies Hi-Tech Park, the shining economic jewel of this northern Israel community, and home to roughly 160 successful tech firms that generate approximately $6 billion in revenue annually. For some young people in Yokneam, their professional future may happen there. For others who lack digital skills, jobs in technology seem impossibly out of reach. That’s about to change.

Coming out of Federation’s 2019 Partnership visit, a commitment was made to establish a formal relationship with the Hi-Tech community to support local youth in need. The vision  is to leverage Yokneam Hi-Tech park as a platform for Ethiopian and at-risk youth to gain the skills that will lead to success in the technology job market.

Federation’s Global Jewish Peoplehood Committee has given the green light to invest in Yo-Tech, an applications development and technology course for youth in Yokneam. Working with our partners from Machshava Tova, (a nonprofit that bring technological access and empowerment to underserved populations), and the city of Yokneam, a select group of 15 students will begin a year-long course that will culminate in an internship with one of the Hi-Tech companies at Yokneam Hi-Tech village.

“It’s really the first time that our tech community has partnered with the community in a formal way,” said Eliad Elyahu Ben Shushan, Partnership director, Jewish Agency for Israel. “It’s vitally important to build this relationship and create a shared sense of destiny and opportunity for our youth.”

Yo-Tech will address skill areas that are essential to a 21st century work environment: technological training, coupled with a mindset that fosters independent research and learning in a warm and supportive framework.  At risk youth will also learn equally critical “soft skills” of personal and social responsibility, teamwork and cooperation. Internships will provide practical experience in a sought-after technological field.”

Yo-Tech has already selected 15 local teenagers ages 14-18. The group will include 10 students from the Ethiopian community and 5 from the general population. We’re excited to update you on their progress as the program moves forward.

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