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The Treasure of Jewish Identity

By February 26, 2021March 4th, 2021CARING, COMMUNITY, PJ LIbrary
by Lynn Sapertstein
As “Grammy” to Jake, Harrison, and their newborn baby cousin, Juniper “June” Graham, I am in my element. And when my husband Jan, or I are reading Jewish themed PJ Library books with them, it’s pure gold!

In Atlanta, free PJ Library books are now mailed monthly to more than 5,000 children. Our grandkids get excited when new books, tailored to their ages, arrive in the mail. When we read together, Jake who is four-and-a-half, will ask about Jewish things I did when I was a young girl, or when his mom was little. I love how 16-month-old Harrison will snuggle in as I read to him about Shabbat and how his eyes shine when we bless the challah.  

We tell stories. We ask questions. When Hanukkah comes and we light the menorah that Jake made, it all comes full circle. The books are springboard for deeper conversations. 

If you have friends who don’t yet know about the PJ Library hope you’ll join me, and a group of grandparents and PJ Library “connectors,” at a virtual information session, Wednesday, March 10 at 4 pm. It’s a great opportunity to learn how PJ Library teaches about holidays and traditions with a gentle Jewish touch that’s perfect for all families. 

Throughout the pandemic many of my friends have not been able to see their grandchildren. They are using FaceTime and Zoom not just to chat, but to read PJ Library books with them! The books are fun and colorful, and you learn along with your grandkids. In families where one parent or grandparent is new to our faith, PJ Library books are a safe and comfortable way to learn and grow in observance. 

I’m firmly of the belief that if you want to have a grandchild who loves Jewish traditions, and who understands Jewish values, you must put in the effort. Grandparents have a unique opportunity to show that Jewish identity matters. When we model Jewish values and traditions, they endure beyond our generation, beyond our kids’ generation, down to the grandkids. That is incredibly powerful!

Through PJ Library books we also have aopportunity to model Jewish generosity. It costs $40 a year for each child to have a PJ Library subscription. While the books are mailed for free, the program is not self-sustaining. I’d love to see grandparents with grandkids in Atlanta (or even out of town)become champions for PJ Library by supporting it with their donations so that more families can share the treasure of our heritage. 

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