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18Doors Invites Interfaith Families into Jewish Life

18Doors aims to connect interfaith families with Jewish organizations and to help them feel at home in the Jewish community. This program lets couples and families learn about Jewish life without embarrassment or feelings of judgment. It also connects interfaith families with Jewish organizations that will welcome them into Jewish life. 

Rabbi Malka works closely with 18Doors to create an inviting space for all Jews. She received the following message from Hannah and Rob following their wedding:  

“Rob and I wanted to deeply thank you for officiating our wedding. We are so grateful to have met you through the process of planning our wedding. More importantly, we are so thankful for your guidance and support as we prepared for our married lives together… 

The wedding ceremony was absolutely a dream….[m]any of our guests had never been to a Jewish wedding before, and so many people told us it was the “most beautiful and loving ceremony” they had ever been to. We definitely feel this way. Thank you for teaching us more about wedding customs in Judaism and helping us cater the ceremony to fit us perfectly. Thank you for helping us to safely include our friends and families and helping to make all of our guests feel welcomed…[t]hank you for teaching us about the ketubah and giving us guidance and freedom to write it together as we wished. This ketubah, hanging in our home, is such a beautiful reminder of our love, our hopes, our dreams, and our promises to each other and God. 

Thank you for always making us feel welcome and accepted. When we first met last Spring, I remember telling Rob that you made me feel “so at home” I believe you were meant to be on this journey with us…[i]t has been so wonderful to have you as a resource in the months and weeks leading up to our wedding. Thank you for reaching out to us and offering support in the Jewish community (both through Zoom Shabbats and the Love & Marriage courses). I remember being nervous to jump into these resources at one point. Rob and I are so glad we took the leap and participated because the support and community we gained as been invaluable through some difficult times. We hope to continue to be a part of this community in the future.” 

Through the work of 18Doors, interfaith families can deepen their connection to the Jewish community and make choices that will lead to a vibrant future for the Jewish people. 18Doors is just one organization that receives grants from the Partners Fund, and your donations will help them create welcoming spaces for all Jews and their families.   

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