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My Father’s Legacy

By September 8, 2022September 12th, 2022Atlanta Jewish Community, PHILANTHROPY

By Matt M. Bronfman
As some of you know, I lost my dad at the end of August. He was my best friend and role model. Throughout his life, my dad was known for giving back to his community, and that is something that I have always tried to emulate. I am fortunate to have had many opportunities to be a “giver,” but over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to be a “receiver.” 

Maimonides taught that Nihum Avelim (comforting mourners) is one of the most important mitzvot. From thoughtful emails, to cards, to shiva calls, this community has comforted me. Your support has reminded me that all mitzvot, even ones that may seem simple, like sending a card or an email, can have an enormous impact.   

This loss has reinforced, to me, the value of community. One purpose of a community is to lift people up in their time of need, and I am touched by the embrace of my community during this painful time. I have been thinking of the many people that Federation impacts with our work, and my hope is that they feel supported by our community, as I have in the last few weeks.   

Our 2023 Community Campaign began last week, and if you have the means, I hope you consider donating. We strive to support struggling people all over Atlanta and the world, and your donations are the best way to make that happen. Together, we can create a network that supports every member of our community.   

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