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Judaism As Part Of My Daily Life

By April 16, 2021April 4th, 2023JumpSpark

Judaism is a big part of my daily life, I celebrate Jewish holidays with my family, and keep the Jewish tradition in our family. For example, I want to talk about my Bar Mitzvah experience. When I turned 13 I did an “Aliyah latora” at the west wall in Jerusalem! After that, we went celebrating my Bar Mitzvah at a big restaurant with my whole family. I would never forget that experience, and to this day I wear the golden David star necklace my grandparents gave me.

The feeling of silence on Shabbat or Yom Kippur is really calming and peaceful. Those are the days when people just stop everything in their lives for a few days.

The holidays are very special for me. I meet my family, eat really good food with them, and feel festive.

When traveling with my family around the world (but also in Israel) we go to alot of places that are related to Judaism and Jewish history, and we feel the power of it.

I also feel the Jewish history in my family’s history. My grandfather and all of his family are Holocaust survivors and today, he is proud to be Jewish, and proud to be living in Israel as a Jewish person.

 I am not very religious, but I try my hardest to keep holiday traditions and keep kosher.

Other then being Jewish in Israel, I have many other interests. I like music, hanging out with friends, watching movies and tv shows, and gaming.

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