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PJ Library Goes Beyond Books

By March 27, 2023PJ Library Atlanta

If you grew-up in a Jewish home, you may already be familiar with PJ Library, which connects Jewish kids and their families to the diversity and richness of the Jewish experience through storytelling. These stories help children form personal, meaningful relationships to Judaism, and spark a lifetime love of reading. On the surface it may appear that PJ Library is solely a literacy program. But it is so much more. 

PJ Families can go online to access free resources like recipes, downloadable activities, videos, and even podcasts. These materials give kids hands-on experiences that connect them to the stories they read. Parents and kids can take part in activities that teach them about Judaism—its rituals, legends, and celebrations. When we provide children with a lasting connection to their history, they feel more connected through our shared tradition. 

PJ Library also hosts local, neighborhood events for families with young children, allowing families to meet and, hopefully, form friendships that will last a lifetime. You can follow PJ Library on Facebook to stay up to date on local gatherings.  

Welcoming a new child can be as overwhelming as it is exciting, and PJ Library is here to help. JBaby connects new families to each other, to specialists for advice, and to Jewish community resources about family-friendly programs in your area. JBaby events are open to couples, single parents, parents by adoption or surrogacy, and families who are interfaith, LGBTQ+, multiracial, and which contain people with disabilities. J Baby can help expecting parents create a nurturing Jewish community in which to welcome their bundle of joy. Families can click here to sign up for JBaby and find more information about programming. 

PJ Library is an incredible resource for families with children of any age. The stories that children read and the people they meet will impact them for a lifetime and make them feel supported and understood as they age. Storytelling is an entry point to the long history and proud tradition of our Jewish community, and whether we read these stories from books or repeat them to each other in a park over a picnic blanket, we are continuing a long and rich tradition.  

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