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Remembering my Father-in-Law

By Matt Bronfman, Federation Board Chair
The State of Israel was born seventy-four years ago on May 14, 1948. Coincidentally, my father-in-law, Ben Walker, who was living in a small town in Romania after surviving the Holocaust, celebrated his bar mitzvah on the same day. Ben loves to tell people that no one paid any attention to him that day because the focus was on a much more important event!

Ben has lived in Atlanta for over fifty years and is one of the greatest people I know. He has shared so many stories with me that reflect this community’s generosity and resilience. In that vein, I am proud to highlight not only Federation’s role as a philanthropic champion (which I frequently note), but also as a community champion. To offer a few examples, we work to hold disparate organizations together; we direct people to the right organizations that can help provide them with the opportunities they need; we develop the next generation of leadership; and ensure that there is appropriate security so that we can convene in peace without fear. Our role as community champion is vital and helps ensure that we are even more vibrant and engaged moving forward.

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