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Help Resettle Ukrainian Refugees in Atlanta

As the U.S. begins to open its borders for immigration, we will likely see many refugees come to Atlanta. If you would like to be on JF&CS’s list to help with the needs of Ukrainian refugees, please fill out this form. We will let you know when housing or items such as furniture are needed. JF&CS and Federation will keep you updated as this situation continues to evolve.

With the recent White House announcement of the admission of 100,000 Ukrainian refugees into the US, JF&CS is gearing up to assist refugees. We are currently awaiting guidance on what this process will look like, and how many will come to the Georgia area. We want to encourage anyone in the state of Georgia who considers themselves Jewish and entered the U.S. from Ukraine prior to 3/1 on a temporary visa, with or seeking, Temporary Protective Status, or received humanitarian parole status at a land border who needs assistance (financial, food, housing) to send an email to The message can be English, Russian or Ukrainian and we will have it translated.

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