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More than a number, with the contribution you make to Federation you can enter into a Society that denotes your commitment to Jewish philanthropy and honors that commitment with access to exclusive speaker events and educational opportunities with like-minded members of the community.

Prime Minister’s Council - $100,000+

Convenes Federation’s leading donors who contribute more than $100,000 a year to Federation. As a member, you’ll come together for fellowship at exclusive events and enjoy specially curated opportunities to learn about the work your remarkable generosity makes possible.

King David Society - $25,000+

A community of philanthropists who contribute $25,000 or more a year to Federation. They share a passionate concern for issues that affect the worldwide Jewish community and set inspiring standards in philanthropic giving. You’ll be inspired, educated, and connected to other generous individuals and families throughout the year.

Joshua Society - $10,800+

A community of philanthropists who demonstrate the loyalty, charisma and skillful leadership of this group’s namesake.  These families and individuals contribute $10,800 or more a year per household to Federation. Joshua Society members are invited to exclusive local events and national gatherings.

Business & Professionals Giving Societies

Solomon Society-$5,400+

Named for Israel’s famed biblical King Solomon, who was revered for his wisdom. The Solomon Society is for donors who make a minimum annual gift of $5,400. Donors will be invited to strengthen their personal, professional and charitable networks through industry- related pre-events, events and meaningful philanthropic opportunities within our Jewish community.

Chai Society - $1,800+

Chai Society convenes business leaders and professionals to strengthen their personal, professional and charitable networks through industry-related events, educational opportunities and meaningful philanthropic opportunities within our Jewish community. Chai Society donors contribute $1,800 or more a year to Federation.

Women’s Philanthropy Giving Societies

Lion of Judah - $5,400+

An international organization of more than 17,500 dynamic philanthropic Jewish women who set an exemplary standard of leadership and giving. They are strong women of all ages, an international sisterhood of thousands of global activists who care deeply about the Jewish future. Each Lion makes an annual donation of $5,400 or more a year to Federation.

Pomegranate - $1,800+

The pomegranate, an ancient Jewish symbol, is also a modern emblem of Jewish women’s philanthropy and commitment. Women who give at least $1,800 a year to Federation form a community of like-minded donors who do a world of good.

Genesis Society - $365+

Genesis Society is a group of committed women who make a generous gift of $365 or more a year to Federation.

NextGen Giving Society

Ben-Gurion Society - $1,000+

Ben-Gurion Society is a young leadership society for young philanthropists (ages 25-45) who make a commitment of $1,000 as an individual or $1,800 as a household a year to Federation. As a member of Ben-Gurion Society, you join a group who show leadership by engaging in special programming with dynamic speakers who both educate and inspire people on their philanthropic journey.

Golda Meir Society - $365-$999

The Golda Meir Society is for young philanthropists aged 25-40 who make a commitment of $365-$999 a year to Federation. By joining The Golda Meir Society, you are showing a commitment to the future of our community and the Jewish people. Members will have access to special programming including exclusive speakers and thank you events. 

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society

The Atlanta Jewish Foundation’s Legacy Society officially launched in 2022, to express our gratitude and recognize Foundation’s valued donors who have made a legacy gift to the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. Through this society the Foundation is proud to recognize individuals and families who have created a lasting Jewish legacy. These generous endowment gifts help to secure our community’s Jewish future and help ensure that Jewish life remains vibrant in Atlanta, in Israel and around the world.  All new Legacy Society members will receive recognition for their outstanding commitment to the Jewish people.

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