Atlanta’s Welcoming Jewish Mix

September 11, 2017

By Rabbi Ari Leubitz

As Atlanta continues to become a destination for Jewish families it isn’t just the southern hospitality that is so welcoming, it is the history and connection that Jews feel when they join the Atlanta Jewish community. The Jewish Community in Atlanta has a rich and storied history that Hebrew Academy, Greenfield Hebrew Academy, Yeshiva Atlanta and now, Atlanta Jewish Academy, have been part of since 1953. We are so proud of the threads we helped weave in the fabric of the past and present, and are poised to be a part of the future of Atlanta’s Jewish Community.

Thinking about our AJA community and the diversity at the school, it reminds me of a melting pot — a Shabbat cholent. Our AJA cholent boasts a blend of various “ingredients” in our community (Israeli, modern orthodox, conservative, secular, South African, Zionist) all blended together to form a cohesive, inclusive “stew,” or as we like to call it, our committed connected community. Each ingredient can stand alone, but when combined with the others it becomes even more robust and delicious!

Not only is AJA a cholent, but the Atlanta Jewish community overall is one BIG cholent. We are proud to be but one of many ingredients, and as such, continue to seek out ways to partner with other groups in the city. That is a priority for us. To impact the community as much as we can, sets the best example for our students and school, and always will be an important part of our mission. We have enjoyed hosting

classes for the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, Jewish Book Festival events, speakers from shuls around the city. along with visitors from Social Action Groups such as Sharsheret and Second Helpings.

As a committed connected community, we will continue to be an active part of Atlanta’s Jewish Community, past, present and future.

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