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Jewish Future Pledge

Jewish Future Pledge

With the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history currently underway, Atlanta Jewish Foundation is proud to be a participating community in My Jewish Future Pledge.

To propel a Jewish path forward, we must make a commitment.

This is a national initiative to capture some of that wealth now in order to secure the Jewish future. The Pledge asks individuals to commit that at least 50% of their assets intended for charitable purposes will be directed to strengthen and serve the Jewish people and/or the State of Israel.  

The Jewish Future Pledge is a movement to ensure a successful Jewish future. The Pledge is a commitment to sharing your fortune, wisdom, and values on behalf of the Jewish people. This is an opportunity to solidify your legacy by showing your loved ones and our community that the future of the Jewish people matters to you. When you sign the Pledge, you are doing your part to guarantee that the Jewish people survive and thrive.

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