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My name is Eran and I was born in Haifa, in the northern part of Israel and lived there my whole life. 🙂 I have a brother and a sister who are older than me, Roni (24) and Uri (23). I also have a pet cat called Mitzi.

I like to work out in the gym, play football, read, and go see Maccabi Haifa, Haifa’s soccer team and state champion. I like to go to the movies and travel in Israel with my friends. In addition to that, time with my family is very important to me and we love having family dinners together.

I spend most of my free time in Scouts and have been in the Afik tribe in Haifa since the fourth grade. During the years I’ve spent in Scouts, I’ve had the opportunity to guide the 5th and 9th graders and be a young coordinator. My tribe is considered a large tribe, with 600 trainees. Most of my friends are part of this tribe so it’s very important for us to invest and develop it.

I’m very excited to meet new people in Atlanta and be part of such a warm community.

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