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Annual Awards

Each year, the Federation honors exceptional community professionals and volunteers for the great work they do to strengthen Jewish Atlanta. Awards are given in the five categories below.

We are accepting nominations for 2024. Please scroll to the bottom to submit your nomination(s). Nominations are due by March 15, 2024.

Annual Awards

ABE SCHWARTZ YOUNG LEADERSHIP AWARD - Celebrates a member of the community under the age of 40 with considerable community involvement and significant leadership potential

The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta annually presents the Abe Schwartz Young Leadership Award to one or two outstanding individuals under age 40.  The Award winner or winners are recognized by being invited to participate with the Atlanta delegation at the Jewish Federations of North America annual General Assembly in October/November.

Criteria for selection include:

  • Considerable level of volunteer involvement in the Jewish community;
  • Demonstration of significant leadership ability;
  • Age 40 years or younger;
  • Potential for greater volunteer leadership responsibility in the future.

The individual involvement should be judged on the total scope of the Jewish community, encompassing the Federation, community agencies, institutions, the synagogues, and Jewish organizations.

Please note that individuals who work in the Jewish nonprofit world will be considered based on their volunteer activities rather than their professional activities. 

Nominations may be made from the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, its beneficiary agencies and all Atlanta Synagogues, and any other established organization which supports Jewish life in our community.

The nominating agency must submit an application with a brief description as to why the nominee is qualified to receive the award.

Nomination Form

THE GERALD H. COHEN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AWARD - Celebrates outstanding community involvement by a non-native Atlantan that has lived here less than 7 years

The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta annually presents the Gerald H. Cohen Community Development Award to one or two outstanding individuals.  The Award winner or winners are recognized by being invited to participate with the Atlanta delegation at the Jewish Federation of North America annual General Assembly in November.

Criteria for selection are as follows:

  1. Individuals must not be a native of Atlanta and should have lived in the community less than seven years.
  2. Primary consideration is given to the level of Federation activity.
  3. Additional consideration is to be given to participation in agency and synagogue activities, level of gift and involvement in campaign.

Nominations are requested from Federation Board, Campaign Cabinet, and Federation Staff.

Nomination Form

THE MARILYN SHUBIN PROFESSIONAL STAFF DEVELOPMENT AWARD - Celebrates outstanding communal professionals in our community

Award Description:

The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta annually presents “The Marilyn Shubin Professional Staff Development Award” to an outstanding communal professional.  The purpose of this award is to invest in the development of our rising professionals, both for their own personal growth and for the advancement of the professional field across the community.

The recipient must be from one of the agencies within the Federation system, and must have served in the field of communal service for at least three years and no more than ten years. The Award winner will receive a stipend to be used for the advancement of professional studies, and will be recognized at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta’s annual meeting.

Criteria for selection:

  • Worked in the field of Jewish communal service for at least three years and no more than ten years;  
  • An expressed passion for creating a strong Jewish community;
  • Indication of actions and contributions that set nominee apart from others and have enhanced the agency.
  • A demonstrated capacity to assume future senior professional staff roles and responsibilities;
  • Leadership skill set including the ability to motivate and inspire others, excellent communicator, and a thoughtful, patient bridge builder.

Submitting Nominations:

  • One nomination is requested from each agency within the Federation family of agencies describing the qualifications of the nominee;
  • Nominations must be submitted together by the Lay/Professional team (Agency Executive AND President)

Award Winner Guidelines and Procedures:

  • Recipient will be asked to submit a report on their project and may be asked to share their learnings via presentation for the purpose of continuing education and leadership development of their peers in the larger community;
  • Nominating Agency shall provide a written description of professional development program when award check is requested.
Nomination Form

MARY & MAX LONDON PEOPLE POWER AWARD - Celebrates a hands-on, direct service volunteer who has started a new initiative



In March 1990 the family of Mary and Max London established the Mary and Max People Power Award to honor and acknowledge individual/individuals for hands on direct service volunteering.  Our family watched as our brother Herbert assisted in settling a branch of our own family who had immigrated to the United States from Russia.  And through this work he realized many families who had immigrated to Atlanta from Russia also needed assistance. As a result we concluded that there are many individuals who like Herbert were willing to fulfill a need within our community.  This award specifically honors those individuals who make their vision a reality and in the process makes our community and our world a better place. Tikkun Olam.

A $2,500 cash award, will be presented, in the name of the recipient, to the agency/organization submitting the name of the honoree.


  1. Individuals nominated need to have been responsible for either the creation of a unique service program or project or enhance a direct service project that otherwise was not in existence in Atlanta before they became involved.  The program or project must have been in existence for a minimum for 3 years and was created not only to support Jewish life in Atlanta but also to enhance the quality of life for all our Atlanta community.
  2. Nominations will be requested from the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, it’s beneficiary agencies and all Atlanta synagogues, Temples and any other established organizations which supports Jewish life in the Atlanta community. The program or project can stand alone or it can live within an existing larger organization. The Federation Selection Committee will be the deciding body of the final choice of honoree.
  3. Individuals participating in institutional/organization leadership positions, boards and committees will not be considered for this award with the exception of the original founder of the project/program.
Nomination Form

Celebrates a Jewish member of the community doing innovative work at a nonprofit not directly associated with the Jewish community

Jewish values compel us to care for all members of society, not just those who are part of the Jewish community. The Tikkun Olam/Community Impact Award is given to a Jewish member of the community who has played a significant role in improving the world, and has done innovative work at a nonprofit not directly associated with the Jewish community.

Criteria for selection are as follows:

  1. Nominations may be made by anyone in the Jewish community or the community at large.
  2. Preference will be given to individual/individuals who initiated or created the program or organization, but consideration will be given to those serving in leadership capacities who have had genuine, measurable impact.
  3. The program or organization must have been in existence for at least 2 years or longer.
  4. The program must have launched in Atlanta and still maintain a local presence (even if it has expanded beyond Atlanta).
Nomination Form

Past Winners


2023 Jonathan Arogeti and Maxine Bier
2022 Bari Beilison and Elizabeth Rowland
2021 Adam Hirsch and Jada Garrett
2020 Gabby Spatt
2019 Jessica Sacks
2018 Adam Kazinec
2017 Eliana Leader and Ben Levy
2016 Avery Kastin
2015 Erica Gal & Abbey Flaum
2014 Keith Greenwald & Elana Satisky
2013 Beth Halpern Brown & Mark Satisky
2012 Isacc Frank & Ross Kogon
2011 Tara Kornblum & Cobi Edelson
2010 Kellee Rosenberg
2009 Michael Kogon & Sammy Grant
2008 Michael Shenk & Stacy Fialkow
2007 Randy Gold & Seth Cohen
2006 Samantha Weidenbaum & Bryan Lewis
2005 Ted I. Blum
2004 Scott B. Horowitz & Hilary A. Rosenthal
2003 Gregory Jay & Michael A. Morris
2002 Jan I. Jay & Sara Rothfeder
2001 Garrett Van De Grift & Marc Morrison
2000 Michael Frank & David Zalik
1999 Scott Butler & Todd Zeldin 
1998 Iris Feinberg & Candace Kerker 
1997 Larry Appel & Carolyn Oppenheimer 
1996 Mark Kopkin & Beth Paradies 
1995 Joel Arogeti & Adele Siegel

Nomination Form


2023 Victoria Kimerling Oliphant
2022 Yoni Kaiser-Blueth
2021 Jennifer Korach
2020 Robyn Sysler
2019 David Fisher
2018 Matt Shulman
2017 Viktoria Abelson
2016 Amy Knopf
2015 Erica Katz
2014 Rabbi Peter S. Berg
2013 David & Merle Horwitz
2012 Bob Arotsky
2011 Mark Satisky
2010 Ashley Toporek Woodman
2009 William Medof
2008 Cobi Edelson
2007 Rabbi Paul D. Kerbel
2006 Johanna Norry
2005 Howard L. Feinsand
2004 Seth A. Cohen
2003 Jodi Mansbach
2002 Ruth Hackner
2001 Joyce Schwob
2000 Dawn Zachariah
1999 Beverly Stahl
1998 Millie Asher 
1997 Jane Schiff
1996 Sheryl Falik
1995 Melinda Wertheim

Nomination Form


2023 Nareen Bennett (JHLC) and Melissa DaSilva (JF&CS)
2022 Annie Garrett (Jewish Abilities Atlanta) and Caroline Goldberg (The Davis Academy)
2021 David Welsher (The Epstein School)
2020 Kim Sucan (MJCCA Preschools)
2019 Maya Selber (Jewish Kids Groups)
2018 Jeremy Katz (The Breman Museum)
2017 Stephanie Wyatt (Jewish Federation)
2016 Stacy Brown (Davis Academy)
2015 Neelam Rahatekar (William Breman Jewish Home)
2014 Carole Shovers (William Breman Jewish Home)
2013 Amanda Abrams (Jewish Federation)
2012 Rick Aranson (Jewish Family & Career Services)
2011 Rabbi Micah Lapidus (The Davis Academy)
2010 Miriam Friedman (Jewish Federation)
2009 Jared Powers (MJCCA)
2008 Brenda Fiske (Jewish Family & Career Services)
2007 Lara Arnoff Dorfman (Jewish Federation)
2006 Coleen Lou (The Epstein School)
2005 Jessica S. Dickson (Hillels of Georgia)
2004 Mindy Ellin (CJEE)
2003 Lisa Steinfeld (Jewish Federation)
2002 Ester Nes-Ya (The Epstein School)
2001 Heidi Berger (Atlanta YAD)
2000 Stacy Sullivan (Jewish Family & Career Services)
1999 Linda Zimmerman (Jewish Educational Services)
1998 Johanna Spector Skid (MJCCA)
1997 Steve Klasky Gamer (Federation)
1996 Cindy Galin (Atlanta YAD)
1995 Ellen Mazer (Federation)

Nomination Form


2023 | Ronald and Samra Robbins | Backpack Buddies
2022 | Jody Reichel | JF&CS Holiday Giving Program
2021 | Lauren Harris | The Artists’ Collective
2020 | Elana Frank | Jewish Fertility Foundation
2019 | Sharon Spiegelman | One Good Deed – matching older adults with a volunteer to build companionship and joy
2018 | Russell Gottschalk | Atlanta Jewish Music Festival – Annual Jewish music festival for listeners of all ages
2017 | Eileen Snow Price | In The City Camp – Day camp experience for toddlers to teens in a Jewish environment
2016 | Amy Zeide | Caring Connected Communities – Leadership skill building for Jewish teens to participate in the local non-Jewish community
2015 | Eric Robbins & Jodi Mansbach | Limmud Atlanta SE – Engaging adult dialogue with Jewish context in celebrating Jewish life
2014 | Saba Silverman | MJCCA – Jerry’s Habima Theater
2013 | Cherie Aviv | Jewish Family & Career Services – Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
2012 | Josiah Benator | Congregation Or Ve Shalom – Boy Scouts of America Troop 73, 62 years
2011 | Rebecca Cheskes | AMIT Program – Parent virtual network
2010 | Steve Kutner | Jewish Healthcare International – Opthamology services to Eastern European countries
2009 | Guenther Hecht | Temple Sinai – Second Helpings food delivery
2008 | Harold & Arlene Koslow | Congregation Shearith Israel – Annual Developmental Disabilities Passover Seder
2007 | Todd E. Gordon & Howard Hyman | Jewish Federation – Health and Welfare trust
2006 | Vickie Benjamin | Epstein School – Keren Orr, helping families with life-cycle events
2005 | Bruce J. Weinstein | MJCCA – Atlanta Senior Olympics
2004 | Howard J. Hyman | MJCCA – SOAR basketball league for children with developmental disabilities
2003 | Marianne Garber | The Epstein School – created Yom Tzedakah program
2002 | Robyn Berger & Frances Kuniansky | JF&CS & Hadassh – Developmental disabilities program
2001 |  Jay Kessler | MJCCA – Jewish U educational program and softball league for adults with developmental disabilities
2000 | David Greenbaum | JF&CS – Redistributing food in the community
1999 | Sid Besmertnik and Janie Nodvin | JES & MJCCA – Jewish Disabilities program
1998 | Jack Freedman | William Breman Jewish Home – Conducted Shabbat and holiday services
1997 | Sylvia Becker | Breman Jewish Heritage Museum – Docent program
1996 | Carol Cooper | JF&CS – Breast cancer support group
1995 | George Fox | MJCCA

Nomination Form


2023 | Joanna Kobylivker | JCan and GIPL
2022 | Jenny Levison | The Zaide Project
2021 | Mimi Hall | Concrete Jungle
2020 | Linda Davis | Zaban Paradies Center
2019 | Rachel Alterman Wallack | VOX Teen Communications
2018 | Sally Mundel | The Packaged Good
2017 | Robin Chanin | Global Growers

Nomination Form

Nomination Form

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