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Individual Gather Grants Are Open!

Apply for a Gather Grant today

Organizational Gather Grants are now closed.

More details will be found further down this page for the Organizational Grant Grant cycle.

Build your community

Strengthen your connections

Do Judaism your way

Get $180 to host an event at the place and with the people you choose

You select the date. You set the location. You invite the attendees. You plan the activity. Federation picks up the tab.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get together with friends, family, or neighbors, look no further!

When you receive a $180 Gather Grant you can:

  • Host a Shabbat dinner or holiday celebration to meet your Jewish neighbors
  • Teach friends how to make a special recipe from your childhood 
  • Plan a picnic with other families who have similar-aged kids
  • Arrange a fun night to reconnect with camp, Birthright, or school friends
  • Buy copies of a Jewish-themed book and host a discussion group
  • Organize a poker night, a nature hike, a volunteer project… whatever and wherever you want!

Any Jewish-identifying individual, couple, friend group, or family in greater Atlanta can apply to receive a $180 Gather Grant

  • Don’t belong to a synagogue? This grant is for you.
  • Don’t live in a “Jewish area”? This grant is for you.
  • Part of an interfaith or multifaith family? This grant is for you.
  • New to Atlanta? We’ll help you plan a dinner to meet your Jewish neighbors!
  • Lost touch with your Jewish friends? Use the grant to reconnect.  
  • Recent empty nester? Time to plan a dinner party!
  • Active member of the community? Buy lunch for friends who might be less involved.
  • Parent who wants to do something Jewish for your child? Let’s make it happen!

Gather Grants are open to ALL!

Grant Opportunities

Summer Gather Grants are open on June 1, 2024, for gatherings in July and August 2024

Upcoming Grant Opportunities

  • Fall Gather Grants open in September for gatherings in October and November 2024.
  • Winter Gather Grants open in December 2024 for gatherings in January and February 2025

Gather Grant Details

Who is eligible to receive a Gather Grant? 

  • Any Jewish-identifying individual, couple, friend group, or family in the greater Atlanta area can apply to receive a $180 Gather Grant. This includes residents of Gwinnett, Fulton, Cobb, Dekalb, Clayton, Cherokee, Forsyth, Henry, Douglas, Fayette, Paulding, Coweta counties, and beyond!

What does my event need to look like? How Jewish does it need to be?

  • “Doing Jewish” means something different for each of us – and it’s that unique expression of Judaism that Gather Grants wants to support. Our request is that you plan an experience that is comfortable and meaningful to you – which means the opportunities are endless! We’ve included some event ideas on this page, but you are in charge of the details for your event. 

Who and how many people do I need to invite to my event?

  • We request that a minimum of 10 people attend your event. Attendees may be adults or children and should include people outside your family.

Gather Grant Details

How can I spend the $180?

You can spend the $180 in whatever way you need to bring your event to life! Some examples include:

  • Food: ingredients, pick-up, or take-out!
  • Supplies: decorations, art supplies, books, paper goods, or party favors

What exactly do I get if I am awarded a Gather Grant?

  • Ideas and guidance: You’ll find event ideas and resources on this webpage. We’re also happy to connect with you over email, phone, or Zoom. You don’t have to do this on your own!
  • Connection with Jewish people in your area: If you want to host an event, but need help with the guest list, just reach out!
  • Event enhancements: Depending on the event season, we may provide you with an event-related item like a challah board and candlesticks for Shabbat or a lulav and etrog for Sukkot.
  • $180: You’ll receive $180 in the form of a digital epayment via venmo or Paypal after you host and share details about your event with us. If you prefer, you may receive payment in the mail via a physical gift card.
    • Read the epayment terms and conditions here.


Gather Grant Hosts (as of 05/24)


Gather Grant Attendees (as of 05/24)

Ok, I’m in. What do I need to do?

  1. Complete the Gather Grant application online by the date indicated in the orange Grant Opportunities section above. We’ll notify you within 10 days about the status of your application.
  2. Plan and host your event with at least 10 attendees. Take lots of photos!
  3. Share details and photos from your event in a short post-event survey and ask your attendees to complete a survey as well.
  4. (Encouraged but optional) Share details and photos/videos from your event on your social media accounts. Include a link to to make sure others know about this fun opportunity. 
  5. Receive $180 via Venmo/Paypal within 10 business days of submitting your survey.

Your plan. Your people. Your place. Your Jewish expression. Federation’s funding.

My parents who are not Jewish were in town along with my wife’s parents who are Jewish. We also had a good mix of friends with some Jewish and some not all coming together.

Event Attendee

It was my first Shabbat experience in Atlanta and it was lovely. I had a great time learning about the traditions and customs and the amazing food. It was great to gather with friends and new people and spend an evening enjoying each other's company!

Stacey D, Gather Grant Attendee from Kirkwood

We are new to Atlanta and we recognize how challenging it can be to make friends and build community. We intentionally selected some people who are also new and combined that group with a few people who are more established.

Event Attendee
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