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2022 March Madness Squares Competition

How to play:

The game starts with a 100-square grid that will be broken down into five-square blocks. It will cost $25 for each block of five squares. Before the March Madness finale kicks off, participants can “purchase” blocks until all 100 of them are accounted for. The numbers 0-9 are then assigned to the columns and rows at random, giving two numbers to each individual cell.

The North Carolina Tar Heels will be the team on the horizontal axis while the Kansas Jayhawks are on the vertical axis. Whoever has the correct digits of the final score wins the pot — if the Tar Heels win 68-61, for example, the winning square would be where the No. 8 on the Tar Heels’ axis meets the No. 1 on the Jayhawks’.

Submissions for your block(s) will be randomized and the winner will be notified on Tuesday, April 5.

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