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A Win-Win for Atlanta’s Jewish Professionals and Jewish High Schools

By March 22, 2021April 14th, 2021Atlanta Jewish Community, CARING

A group of grateful and generous Atlanta donors have joined together to express their appreciation for the talents and contributions of our Jewish community professionals. These funders are passionate about Jewish education and have chosen to say a collective “thank you” by offering Atlanta full-time professionals working at eligible Jewish nonprofits, up to 50 percent off tuition at these SACS or SAIS accredited Jewish high schools — Atlanta Jewish Academy; The Weber School; and Temima, The Richard & Jean Katz High School for Girls.  

“As funders, and as parents, we believe the high school years are formative. It’s when teens begin to grapple with identity, forge life-lasting friendships, and explore the relevance of Judaism and Jewish values to their lives,” said Helen and David Zalik of the Zalik Foundation. “We’re thrilled that more and more families are discovering the benefits of Jewish day school education and we hope this incentive will have the multiplier effect of encouraging more families to choose a Jewish high school for their kids.

Attracting top talent to Atlanta’s Jewish nonprofits is another priority for the funders behind the Jewish Community High School Tuition Grant. They view the tuition reduction incentive as a strong recruitment and retention tool for Jewish professionals across our organizations. “It’s a professional perquisite that is really a win-win-win. The children benefit from the formative Jewish education. The professionals benefit from the savings. And the schools have an opportunity to both increase enrollment and redirect some potential dollars into quality enhancements,” Helen Zalik said. 

The up to 50 percent tuition reduction is guaranteed for the full duration of the child’s attendance at any participating, SACS or SAIS accredited Atlanta Jewish high school. There is no income cap. Continuation of this program beyond the initial cohort of students will be based on continued community support. The funders hope to help expand this model to other cities nationwide. 

For the 2021-2022 school year, students must apply to and earn acceptance to one of the participating, SACS or SAIS accredited Jewish high schools — Atlanta Jewish Academy; The Weber School; or Temima, The Richard & Jean Katz High School for Girls. If at least one parent is a full-time Jewish professional or educator, then the child may be eligible to receive the Jewish Professional High School Tuition Grant.  

To begin the application process, contact: 

Atlanta Jewish Academy 
Erica Gal, Director of Admissions, [email protected]678-298-5377 

Temima, The Richard & Jean Katz High School for Girls 
Lora Fruchtman, School Administrator, l[email protected],  404-315-0507 x 104 

The Weber School 
Ms. Rise Arkin, Director of Admissions [email protected] | 404-917-2500 x 117

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