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Federation is for Good Times Too!

By Matt Bronfman, Federation Board Chair
We talk a lot about how Federation is built to carry us through difficult times. Whenever and wherever Jews are in crisis – from Covid relief in Atlanta to the Ukrainian refugee crisis – our generous donors make it possible for us to step in and make a difference. We stand with those facing emergency situations, and we also continue to build a strong foundation so that we will be here for you and your family if you need us.

But we also are built for z’manim tovim, good times. Just one year from now, in April 2023, I will be leaving for a Jewish Federation Community Journey to Israel that will showcase all that Israel has to offer. The trip will offer the opportunity to explore Israel through different “tracks,” that emphasize the unique dimensions of Israel. There will be specialized itineraries for first-time visitors, outdoor enthusiasts, technology and innovation, and even one for foodies. I really hope that you will join us as we deepen our bond with Israel and with each other. I promise, this is going to be a fantastic trip. Learn more here and if you have questions, please contact Marsha Hurwitz.

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