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Our 40 Under 40 Mission to Israel is Federation’s first trip of its kind. Right before Rosh Hashanah, 40 talented young adults will embark on a week-long journey throughout Israel and experience dimensions seldomly explored on a mission. These participants from our NextGen community are a diverse mix of recent college grads living Intown and those just beginning their professional careers; young parents and single professionals working in fields like law, medicine, finance, non-profit, marketing and more. Eight have never been to Israel before, eighteen are Birthright alumni — more than half of whom have not been back since. They want to deepen their connections to Israel and to the Jewish community in Atlanta when they return. They’ve met in advance and prepped for the trip, knowing they’ll be encountering Israel’s innovation leaders in tech, business, government, and spirituality. In addition to experiencing the beauty of Israel, they’re also ready to encounter the tough issues around pluralism and geo-politics that make everything in Israel “complicated.” We’re invested in building their leadership capacity and their advocacy for Israel and Jewish values.

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