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Expanded Emergency Services for Georgia and Regional Holocaust Survivors

We are excited to share that Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and JF&CS have become KAVOD SHEF initiative partners. The additional KAVOD SHEF funding will help meet the needs of survivors in Georgia and the Southeast region primarily for home care needs. It will be administered by JF&CS and will supplement Claims Conference funding and the impactful work of the Holocaust Survivor Support Fund (HSSF) improving the lives of survivors who need assistance.

Since 2016, Federation’s Holocaust Survivor Support Fund (HSSF), under the leadership of Cherie Aviv, has provided funding to address shortfalls from the Claims Conference to meet the needs of survivors in their final years. These funds provide survivors with grocery food gift cards, home-delivered meals, medical/dental-related needs, homecare, emergency assistance, and more in Georgia and remote locations in the Southeast.

There are 160 survivors in Georgia, and 58 in the regional program, who receive some type of financial assistance from the Claims Conference and/or HSSF funding. More than 25 percent of survivors receiving support have annual incomes that fall below the Federal Poverty Level.

Home care continues to be the most needed service and the costliest and additional help is now coming for survivors in Georgia and the Southeast region. The Seed the Dream Foundation has partnered with KAVOD, a long-time advocate for survivors, to establish the KAVOD Survivors of the Holocaust Emergency Fund (SHEF). KAVOD SHEF exponentially multiplies the dollars and vital services directly reaching survivors and ensuring their dignity and quality of living.

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