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Judaism In My Daily Life

By February 18, 2021JumpSpark

Judaism is a big part of my life and it is in my daily life almost everywhere, sometimes even without me noticing it. It could be reflected in the David shield necklace that I got for my Bat Mitzvah which I wear all the time or in the special feeling of a holiday whenever Friday comes. I think the fact that I’m Israeli has a strong connection to my Judaism because in Israel there are many holy places for Judaism that are relatively close to me and that allows me to connect with Judaism and the history of the Jewish people. Also, Israel is based on Judaism and its laws, and the people surrounding me are following those just like me. For example, on Yom Kippur, everything is closed and when I go out on the streets there are lots of people outside riding a bike or meeting each other to spend this time together which allows me to experience the holiday in a more powerful and special way.

I’m not in a religious Jewish school, but Judaism is still present, I learn The Bible and on school trips we go to places that are important to the history of the Jewish people. After school, I usually learn more and do my homework, with my friends or riding my roller skates to a field close to my house where I will read a book or knit. On Friday, which is my favorite day of the week, I help my parents cook for Shabbat dinner, and on that day, my brother also comes back from the Israeli army, and we all sit down and have Shabbat dinner together. Being Jewish and Israeli is a big and important part of my identity that matters and interests me greatly and I love opportunities like this one (Amplifying Israel teen fellow) that connect me to Judaism.

Shaked is an Amplifying Israel teen fellow.

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