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JumpSpark Values Teen Voices

By July 31, 2018March 10th, 2023JumpSpark

By Nina Rubin
First published by the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta › 

It’s a dynamic time for JumpSpark, Atlanta’s initiative for Jewish teen engagement. We are excited to announce that Kelly Cohen, a Jewish education rock star and the former JumpSpark Director of Education, is now Director of JumpSpark. Kelly will be working closely with Jori Mendel, Federation’s VP of Innovation, to build creatively on our strategic investment in teens. Teen input is an essential part of JumpSpark’s evolution.

For example, at JumpSpark’s week-long marketing internship with 3 Owl Media, a digital ad agency, teen interns developed prototypes and strategies for boosting teen engagement. After a week at 3 Owl, immersed in branding, prototyping and strategy, their final presentations were impressive. They shared prototypes for events they believe will attract their peers — they envisioned a Night Out for teens, a multi-stage live music event to be held at a camp, and a program of weekly and monthly events that create “safe space” for Jewish teens. “Just like these prototypes, JumpSpark is a startup,” said Kelly Cohen. “We launched with ideas about connecting with teens and we’re refining our strategy as we build our brand. It’s about valuing teen voices, telling kids that they are experts on their needs, and exposing them to experiences through a Jewish lens, to widen their world.” Join JumpSpark’s mailing list to learn about upcoming fall programs.

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