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Partner Spotlight: Jewish HomeLife

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta’s Community Campaign is underway. But what happens to the funds that are raised? The answer is, they are granted to our community partners—incredible organizations in Atlanta and across the world that make a difference in people’s lives. One such group that we are proud to support is Jewish HomeLife.

Jewish HomeLife is Jewish Atlanta’s senior care network that supports people at every stage of aging. Their network is comprised of nine residential communities and at-home care services, including The William Breman Jewish Home, The Cohen Home, Berman Commons, the Jewish Tower, Eckstein Home Care, and Weinstein Hospice, to name a few. Founded in 1951, Jewish HomeLife provides independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, private home care, hospice services, and more.

Stephanie Wyatt, Jewish HomeLife’s Chief Development Officer, says “We partner with Federation in many ways. We are privileged to be part of Federation’s core partners and receive annual allocations that directly benefit our residents. A large portion of these community funds help fill the gap between Medicaid reimbursement and the actual cost of care for those residents, which can exceed $45,000 per resident per year.”

She says another major way Federation supports Jewish HomeLife is through our collaboration with Atlanta. AgeWell is a joint project between Jewish Family & Career Services, Jewish HomeLife, the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta, and Federation. “The community has a one-stop-shop where people can learn about our services, and the other available services for aging people in Atlanta. It’s expanded our reach and helped more people contact us.”

The key to Jewish HomeLife is that its network serves everyone while being guided by Jewish values. Principles like cherishing life, respecting all people, and restorative justice through family are at the core of Jewish HomeLife. For 70 years, they have served the people of Atlanta, no matter their background or ability to pay.

Stephanie says “Federation is a community resource, and we are grateful for their continued support. Not only do they provide needed financial assistance, but they provide professional development and support through programs such as LIFE AND LEGACY®,  Jacobson Leadership Institute, as well as other trainings and seminars.”

Jewish HomeLife provides numerous services for people who are recovering from surgery, require dementia care, need help with daily living, or who simply could use a companion. They partner with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide subsidized housing for those who need it, and even have a home care agency, Eckstein Home Care, to help those who need caregiver support or trained companions in their own home

Even if you or a loved one do not currently need the help of Jewish HomeLife, you might someday. Stephanie says that it is vital for people to know what they do, and how to contact them. “Everyone ages,” she says, “and we support people while they do.”

To give to Federation and support the work of Jewish HomeLife, click here.

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